Best Travel Cigar Humidor – Top 5 Travel Humidor Reviews

One of the many great things about a cigar is the simple versatility each brings, whether at home, on the town or on the move in between, cigars afford the aficionado the ability to enjoy the finer pleasures of a good smoke no matter where they are on the Globe. How do you keep those fine smokes intact, however, while traveling? Well, these 5 travel cigar humidors each present wondrous cigar transporting solutions no matter your cigar traveling needs.

While each travel cigar humidor provides the basic function of protecting and humidifying cigars, each travel cigar humidor offers a wholly unique style. The following survey of five of the best travel cigar humidors should help you decide on what is best for your cigar smoking adventures.

Cigar Caddy 40-Cigar Waterproof Travel Humidor

For hardcore cigar lovers who can’t be without a wide selection of smokes when traveling, there is perhaps no more popular choice than the Cigar Caddy 40. Built of durable ABS molded plastic, the Cigar Caddy is primed and ready to protect up to 40 of your cigars from the elements, as well as whatever rough and tumble adventures that might come your way.

While not the most aesthetically pleasing of travel humidors, the Cigar Caddy 40 is all about function, delivering a tight, waterproof seal that allows the box to float and be fully protected for up to 100 feet of water which makes it perfect for the outdoors man, whether it be hunting, fishing or camping. Now whether you want to test the waterproof nature of the box by dunking your prized possessions in the drink is entirely up to you, but your cigars won’t be bothered a bit by a little splash here or there.

Removable locking clasps and stainless steel latch hinges also help keep cigars locked up tight, while keeping them easily accessible no matter the time or place. One drawback that might occur from time to time is that the stainless steel latch hinges may pop off of the box. This is not, however, a full-blown emergency neither is the box broken. The hinges will pop back on with a little effort, and you will be right back in the swing of things.

Foam inserts keep cigars neatly protected from rattling around during transport, with the added option of removing the inserts to create more space. Just keep in mind that removing the foam altogether might create more room for cigars, but you will also lose the protection the foam lends to the cigars. And if you prefer larger sized cigars, you might find that the foam inserts just won’t accommodate 40 cigars, so you might want to temper your expectations of this box to a more realistic 25 to 30 cigars. No matter how many cigars you squeeze into the Cigar Caddy 40, each will be kept in optimal condition with the included humidification disc. Add a sheet or two of Spanish cedar for an extra enhancement that will give you the benefits of more permanent cedar-lined humidors.

If you can set aside its quirks, the Cigar Caddy 40 40-Cigar Travel Humidor is a highly portable travel humidor large enough to accommodate smokes for those extended trips or simply as a transportable desk top humidor between your home and the office. With a decent price and the bonus of a handle for easy carrying, there simply isn’t a better all-around travel cigar humidor in the land.

Prestige Imports Group The Novelist Leather Book Travel Cigar Humidor

For those in search of a little more form to go with function, the Novelist Leather Book Travel Cigar Humidor from Prestige Imports Group is a stunning alternative to the plethora of hard plastic options that permeate the market. The luxurious brown leather exterior is a perfect facsimile of a stately leather-bound book that, when opened, reveals a beautifully designed cigar humidor interior. This is simply ideal for those wanting a little more pizzazz with their cigar humidification.

The Novelist Leather Book Travel Cigar Humidor features everything you will need to enjoy your cigars to their fullest. Each humidor comes complete with a humidifier and silver-colored hygrometer to ensure the humidity is at its optimal level. Another neat little addition is the inclusion of a guillotine cigar cutter which stays in place by way of recessed magnets. The interior is lined with cedar and offers up a removable cedar tray that will accommodate 5 cigars. The tray can be removed allowing room for an additional 5 cigars to make it an even 10 smokes. Keeping it all in place, the lid is held fast by recessed magnets, protecting your smokable bounty until you are ready to spark up.

While the Novelist Leather Book Travel Cigar Humidor is beautifully camouflaged on the bookshelf and is an exquisite choice for those out and about for the day, it is not meant for rough and tumble duty nor as a long-term traveling cigar solution. It will keep your cigars safely humidified to be sure, yet it isn’t built to take a beating, and it should not be expected to be a top performer when it comes to long-term storage. Whether as a short-term travel humidor or simply to keep a few smokes at the ready on a desk top, however, the Novelist Leather Book Travel Cigar Humidor is a wondrous choice that will not only do the job and do it with panache, it will have everybody eying your unique treasure with envy. And at a cheap price, the Novelist Leather Book Travel Cigar Humidor might just have too much going for it to pass up!

Scotte Portable Travel Cigar Humidor Case

For those who desire a balance between portability, style, and reliability, the Portable Travel Cigar Humidor Case from Scotte is a fine choice indeed. This wonderfully compact travel humidor will prove a great find for any cigar aficionado on the go who doesn’t want a bulky, hard plastic travel humidor. This feature-ridden gem is as solid as a travel humidor option as it gets.

The Scotte Portable Travel Cigar Humidor Case features a nicely textured genuine leather exterior and zipper closure that keeps the contents protected and solidly in place. While the zipper itself could operate a little smoother at times, it is a small consolation for the peace of mind that your cigars won’t be flung out all over the place while in transport.

The interior of the Scotte Portable Travel Cigar Humidor Case is comprised of both cedar and pine wood which shelter a long, bar-type humidification unit. The humidification device is a solid performer, yet there is enough room for you to upgrade to the bar or tube humidifier of your choice. A 4-slot cigar tray is also included to help keep your favorite cigars in place and protected. The slots will accommodate fairly good sized cigars, yet some of your larger Gordos, however, might prove a little too tight of a fit. Capping it off are two leather accessory pouches on the inside of the lid just above the humidifier that are ideal for housing your cigar cutter and lighter or other must-have accessories.

While not for rugged outdoor adventures and with a higher price-tag, along with some minor zipper issues, the Scotte Portable Travel Cigar Humidor Case is by no means perfect, but with its convenient size, solid construction and beautifully designed versatility, it is one of the best genuine leather travel humidor options available and just might be the perfect match for all of your travel cigar humidor needs.

Amancy Cedar Wood Lined Portable Travel Cigar Humidor

Just because a travel humidor’s primary function should be first and foremost the protection and humidification of cigars, it doesn’t mean a travel humidor has to be big, bulky and unappealing to the eye. That’s where the Amancy Cedar Wood Llined Portable Travel Cigar Humidor comes in. Beautifully modern, yet timeless in its form and function, this exquisite 5-cigar travel humidor has something to offer everyone.

The shapely Amancy Cedar Wood Lined Portable Travel Cigar Humidor is a well-built cylinder-style humidor which is cloaked with an eye-catching poly synthetic leather, which isn’t as ideal perhaps as genuine leather, yet you will be less concerned with the normal spills, tears, bumps, and bruises the travel humidor will pick up along the way that might otherwise have you cringing. A hygrometer is located on the outside of the lid, making it easy to eyeball the humidity without having to crack open the humidor. The lid itself is not permanently attached to the body of the humidor, nor does it lock into place when closed, so while it is fairly snug, you will still want to be mindful of how you pick it up, carry it or pack it away.

When the lid is removed, you will find a cedar-lined interior and humidifier that perfectly accommodates up to 5 decent sized cigars. As with any compact humidor, over-humidification can prove a common frustration. The Amancy Cedar Wood Lined Portable Travel Cigar Humidor is no different, yet this is easily averted with a little practice. Backing off on humidification will especially deliver more favorable results to those in more humid climes. Once that happy medium is reached, however, this wondrously compact travel cigar humidor proves to be a fantastic performer.

Perfect for those in need of a small travel cigar humidor that will do the job nicely and do it with style, the Cedar Wood Lined Portable Travel Cigar Humidor from Amancy is the ultimate choice. Whether you need a humidor for that weekend getaway or you are a casual cigar enthusiasts who simply needs a humidor to keep a few cigars in now and then, the cheap price is tough to beat!

Cigar Caddy 3240 10-Cigar Waterproof Travel Humidor

Much like its bigger brother, the Cigar Caddy 3240 10-Cigar Waterproof Travel Humidor is a wildly popular choice for avid cigar lovers who want to keep their cigars humidified and protected from the many perils of travel. And as with the Cigar Caddy 40, this little jewel is built with tough ABS molded plastic that combines with an airtight seal to deliver a humidor that floats and is waterproof to a depth of 100 ft. The humidor lid holds its tight grip by way of removable locking clamps and stainless steel latch hinges, which like the larger Cigar Caddy 40 may pop off from time to time, although this small inconvenience is an easy fix and well worth the effort.

The interior of the travel humidor features a humidification disc which will keep up to 10 cigars ready for action at a moment’s notice. Two removable foam pads, each with 5 slots, keep the cigars gently, yet firmly in place no matter how rough the terrain. The foam pads can indeed be removed for added space which will definitely come in handy, as the slots are not big enough for some of your larger diameter smokes. Removing the pads, however, will make the cigars less protected and more prone to damage, so do so at your own risk. All in all, though, this humidor is as versatile and as reliable as they get.

With an included lanyard for ease of carrying, the Cigar Caddy 3240 10-Cigar Waterproof Travel Humidor is an ideal option for any and all cigar aficionados and will prove a valuable addition to any cigar kit. Whether for the home, the office, for the golf bag, the briefcase, the backpack, boat, car or truck, the Cigar Caddy 3240 10-Cigar Waterproof Travel Humidor has got your back, making it one of the best travel humidors.

Each of these travel cigar humidors has proven to be indispensable tools for thousands of cigar lovers around the Globe and will help elevate your cigar smoking experience to new heights, by transporting your cigars properly humidified and securely to wherever your cigar smoking adventures take you. If you are looking for the absolute best in travel humidors, just decide the size, material and price point you desire, and it’s a safe bet that one of these 5 Travel Cigar Humidors will be the winning choice!