Quality Importers Versailles 100 Cigar Glass Top Humidor

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0/5 on February 8, 2017

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  • Elegant polished wood exterior with a tempered beveled glass top and front
  • Large enough to hold up to 100 cigars in three separate compartments
  • Interior is lined with Spanish cedar for optimal humidity and freshness
  • Recessed brass carry handles make this humidor easy to move


  • Built-in humidifier and hygrometer aren’t particularly well made
  • Some models minor seal issues that affect their ability to hold humidity


A good mid-sized humidor, although the humidifier and hygrometer are worth replacing.

The Versailles humidor has a beautiful exterior, with beveled glass on the top and front. It offers more than enough space to store up to 100 cigars at a time, with the typical built-in hygrometer and humidifier.

If you’re looking for an elegant humidor that can comfortably store your cigar collection, this is a good choice. Just be aware that you’ll probably need to replace the built-in hygrometer.


  • Holds up to 100 cigars, making it a suitable humidor for cigar enthusiasts with growing collections. This humidor has a small internal divider and a removable tray, letting you sort your cigar collection into three separate compartments.
  • This humidor has tempered beveled glass panels on the top and front, letting you see in without opening the lid.
  • An analog hygrometer is included with this humidor, although it isn’t particularly accurate even after calibration. There’s also a small built-in humidifier on the underside of the lid.
  • Brass hygrometer mountings and recessed carry handles give this humidor an elegant, glassy look that complements living room and home office furniture.
  • Beautiful wooden exterior with a smooth, polished finish. This humidor looks even better in person than it does in photographs.


Designed to hold up to 100 cigars, the Versailles is a mid-sized desktop humidor that’s perfect for cigar enthusiasts. This humidor has a spacious interior that can be split into three separate compartments to sort cigars by taste, size or country of origin.

Because the removable cedar tray included with this humidor has no center divider, it provides enough space to comfortably store two cigar boxes. This lets you keep boxed cigars at the top of the humidor and single cigars sorted into the two bottom compartments.

Since this is a desktop humidor, it has a small display window on the lid. There are also glass windows on the left and right sides of the front panel, beside the hygrometer. The glass panels provide a full view of the contents and make selecting cigars a quick and simple process.

This humidor comes with a built-in hygrometer and humidifier. The hygrometer mounting has a brass finish that adds a timeless, elegant look to the humidor. There are also two brass handles fitted to the sides of the humidor to make it easy to carry.

From an aesthetic perspective, this humidor is a winner. It has a beautiful polished wood finish that complements most living room and home office furniture. The rich brown finish is a perfect match for the brass hardware. Expect this humidor to earn plenty of compliments.

If you have a growing cigar collection that’s getting too big for most desktop humidors, this is a great upgrade. With room for up to 100 cigars, it combines impressive storage with a beautiful exterior that will never fail to attract positive attention.


Unfortunately, this humidor is fitted with a poor quality hygrometer that rarely provides accurate humidity readings. Most owners recommend replacing the hygrometer with a digital alternative, as there’s a serious risk of the included hygrometer over or under-reporting the humidity level.

The standard humidifier is also too small for a humidor of this size. In addition to replacing the built-in hygrometer, most owners recommend replacing the humidifier with a pair of humidifier tubes. This is particularly important if you plan to store more than 50 cigars inside the case.

Finally, a small percentage of customers have reported seal problems with this humidor. If you purchase this humidor, it’s worth doing a quick test to check that it holds air inside without any leaks. This problem seems to affect 2-3% of Versailles humidors.


This is a good quality, great looking cigar humidor that’s unfortunately let down by its useless hygrometer and humidifier. If you plan on buying this, it’s definitely worth investing in a pair of humidifier tubes and a digital hygrometer to ensure it can maintain a steady humidity level.

Hardware weaknesses aside, this is a great medium quality humidor. It looks excellent, with a stylish appearance that makes it stand out in any setting. It’s also a very easy humidor to use thanks to the front and top glass display windows.

If you’re looking for a humidor that stores your cigars well and adds some extra presence to the desk or table it’s kept on, the Versailles is a great choice. Just make sure you add a hygrometer and humidity pack to your shopping cart to avoid a frustrating setup and seasoning process.

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