Prestige Import Group Valencia Glass Top Humidor

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  • Holds up to 120 cigars in five separate compartments
  • Elegant wooden exterior with a high gloss finish
  • Available with an analog or digital hygrometer


  • Minor seal problems that affect some humidors


A beautiful humidor that works well, provided you get one with an airtight seal.

Designed for enthusiasts, the Prestige Import Group Valencia Glass Top Humidor is a mid-sized humidor with space for up to 120 cigars. This humidor has top and front display windows that let you look into the humidor even when its closed — a useful feature when selecting cigars.

Prestige Import Group makes this humidor in two varieties — one with an analog hygrometer, and another with a digital hygrometer. Both humidors share the same basic design and are ideal for cigar smokers seeking a humidor that can hold a growing cigar collection.


  • Holds up to 120 cigars, making it ideal for enthusiasts with mid-sized cigar collections that have outgrown small humidors.
  • This humidor has a removable Spanish cedar tray with three adjustable dividers, as well as a bottom storage compartment with a single divider, creating five separate places to sort and store your cigars.
  • Fully lined with Spanish cedar to maintain an optimal humidity level and actively repel tobacco beetles.
  • This humidor has a beautiful brass lock and key, with matching humidor housing and side carrying handles.
  • Measuring in at 14¾ inches in width by 9¾ inches in depth, this humidor is big enough to store a reasonably large cigar collection but compact enough to fit on your desk or table.
  • Prestige Import Group sells this humidor with an analog or digital hygrometer, giving you more control over the way you monitor its humidity level.


Built to comfortably hold up to 120 cigars, the Valencia Glass Top Humidor has the right amount of space to satisfy most cigar enthusiasts. This elegant humidor can be divided into five sections to make sorting and storing your cigar collection as simple as possible.

This is a double-layer humidor with a removable Spanish cedar tray. The tray has two adjustable dividers, allowing you to easily sort your cigars by size without wasting space. The entire interior of the humidor is lined in Spanish cedar — a welcome feature in any humidor at any price point.

Internally, this humidor has a standard humidifier that’s fitted to the underside of the lid. While it isn’t a spectacular humidifier (a common issue with most humidors), it works well and is secured tightly to the lid, preventing it from coming into direct contact with the top layer of cigars.

On the front panel of the humidor, you’ll find two display windows that allow you to look into the bottom compartment without opening the lid. There’s also a large window on the top of the case to allow you to quickly view your cigars while deciding which one to smoke.

This humidor comes with two choices of hygrometer. The standard humidor comes with an old fashioned analog hygrometer, while a more expensive version fitted with a digital hygrometer is also available. Both hygrometers are accurate once calibrated properly.

Externally, this humidor has a very aesthetically pleasing look. The humidor itself is made from solid wood with a beautiful high gloss finish. The lock and key, side carry handles and circular hygrometer housing are all finished in brass.


For the most part, this humidor doesn’t have any major issues. However, some owners report that the seal between the lid and the main chamber of the humidor isn’t airtight, making it very difficult to maintain a steady humidity level without constantly topping up the humidifier.

This issue seems to affect a small percentage of units — we assume it’s a minor manufacturing defect. Since Prestige Import Group sells this humidor through Amazon, it’s simple to return an affected unit for a replacement.

As with all humidors, you’ll need to calibrate the hygrometer after you receive this. The analog and digital hygrometer are both easy to test and calibrate using the standard moist towel or salt methods.


Aside from seal issues that affect a small percentage of units, this is a great humidor that looks excellent and works well. With a 120 cigar capacity, it’s a great option for cigar enthusiasts who need more space than a typical desktop humidor offers.

If you’re looking for an elegant, stylish humidor that’s still large enough to store your entire cigar collection without taking up too much interior real estate, the Valencia is hard to ignore. It’s also a good humidor from a value for money perspective, with a retail price well under $100.

With its five interior storage compartments and full Spanish cedar lining, this is a good humidor for people with growing cigar collections. Just be sure to check that your unit has a proper seal before you season, calibrate and start using it.

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