Prestige Import Group Monte Carlo Cigar Humidor

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0/5 on February 8, 2017

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  • Stores up to 120 cigars
  • Horizontal dividers and vertical shelving creates four cigar compartments
  • Beautiful cherry high gloss finish
  • Perfect for mid-sized cigar collections


  • Hygrometer isn’t completely accurate
  • Exterior is laminated and not solid wood


One of the best reasonably priced humidors for mid-sized cigar collections.

With a removable cedar shelving tray and two vertical dividers, the Prestige Import Group Monte Carlo Wood Cigar Humidor is a great humidor for cigar enthusiasts with growing collections.

This humidor has a beautiful high gloss finish and a large interior capable of storing 12 cigars at a time. With its polished gold plated hardware and old-fashioned lock, the Monte Carlo humidor is an elegant addition to any living room or den that’s sure to inspire conversation.


  • Holds up to 120 cigars, with four internal compartments that make it easy to separate and sort your cigars by size, flavor profile or country or origin. The cedar storage tray is fully removable, allowing you to convert the humidor into one large compartment.
  • An analog hygrometer and humidifier are fitted to the lid of the humidor to provide fresh moisture for your cigar collection.
  • This humidor has a beautiful cherry high gloss finish, making it a great match for living and dining room furniture.
  • The handles and external lock are gold plated, giving this humidor a timeless look that’s sure to attract compliments and attention.
  • Internal compartments are fully lined with Spanish cedar for optimal moisture retention and protection from tobacco beetles.


The Prestige Import Group Monte Carlo Wood Cigar Humidor is a mid-sized humidor designed to fit on your desk or living room table. This humidor offers enough space to store 120 cigars at once and includes an analog hygrometer and humidifier, both of which are fixed to the lid.

If you like to maintain a good collection of cigars at home, you’ll appreciate the extra space this humidor offers over smaller desktop models. You’ll also like the internal dividers and tray, which allow you to sort its contents into four different sections.

This makes it easy to separate and sort cigars by country or origin and flavor profile, letting you reduce the risk of cross flavor contamination. With the dividers in place, each compartment  has enough space to comfortably store a normal cigar box.

The inside of this humidor is lined with Spanish cedar, which helps retain moisture and prevents pests such as tobacco beetles from affecting your cigars. The tray is made entirely out of cedar, adding to this humidor’s ability to absorb and hold plenty of moisture at any time.

Close the lid and this humidor looks even better on the outside than it does on the inside. The standard Monte Carlo version has a beautiful cherry finish that’s complemented by a gold lock and hinges. Prestige Import Group also offers this humidor in a variety of additional designs.

From a functional perspective, this humidor performs well. Most units have no leaks or quality control issues, although some users have reported receiving units with minor leaks that affect the humidity level. These seem to affect a very small percentage of units.

Once this humidifier is seasoned, all you need to do is store your cigar collection and ventilate the humidor every one to two weeks.

This is one of the best competitively priced cigar humidors on the market for enthusiasts with growing cigar collections, If you’re looking for a humidor that can hold 80-120 cigars with ease, the Prestige Import Group Monte Carlo Wood Cigar Humidor is unlikely to disappoint.


Despite its strengths, this humidor has several minor weaknesses that you’ll need to solve as an owner. The biggest of these is the hygrometer, which doesn’t always provide accurate humidity readings even after it’s been properly calibrated.

Likewise, the humidifier isn’t particularly effective. Because it’s positioned on the bottom side of the lid, it can potentially loosen and fall onto your cigars. Most owners recommend replacing the humidifier and hygrometer (preferably with a compact digital hygrometer) after purchasing.

Another minor weakness of this humidor is its seal. Although most units have a perfect seal that holds humidity well, some customers have reported small gaps under the lid that make it difficult to maintain a steady humidity level.

Since this humidor is available from Amazon, returning or replacing a unit with a bad seal is an easy process. The seal issues only affect a small number of customers — somewhere in the two to three percent range.


All in all, this is a good humidor that offers excellent value for money. If you have a growing cigar collection and want a mid-sized humidor that can comfortably hold 120 sticks, the Monte Carlo Wood Cigar Humidor offers a lot of value.

Like any affordable humidor, it has some minor issues. However, these can be completely fixed by replacing the standard hygrometer and humidifier. Switch both units out and you’ll get a great cigar humidor that will keep your cigar collection perfectly fresh for an unbeatable price.

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