Mantello 100 Cigar Desktop Humidor Glass Top

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  • Holds up to 100 cigars in four separate compartments
  • Beautiful cherry wooden exterior with high gloss finish
  • Polished bronze lock, hinges and hygrometer casing
  • Removable tray lets you easily sort your cigar collection


  • A small percentage of units have seal problems that affect humidity
  • Hygrometer has accuracy issues and is worth replacing
  • Does not include a humidifier


A stylish, elegant mid-sized humidor that will keep your growing cigar collection safe.

With enough space for 100 cigars, the Mantello 100 Cigar Desktop Humidor is a stylish glass top display humidor that’s perfect for cigar enthusiasts. This humidor comes with a removable cedar tray and divider, letting you sort your cigars into four different compartments.

Like most desktop humidors, the Mantello 100 comes has solid brass hinges and a front lock to keep your cigars safe and secure. It also has an analog hygrometer that makes monitoring your cigar collection’s humidity level quick and simple.


  • Holds up to 100 cigars with ease, making it ideal for people with medium to large cigar collections who need more space than a traditional desktop humidor can offer.
  • Includes a removable tray made from Spanish cedar with ventilation and a small divider that lets you split the humidor into four separate compartments for different types, tastes, and countries of origin.
  • The interior of this humidor is lined with Spanish cedar to absorb moisture, maintain a steady humidity level and prevent the growth of tobacco beetles and other pests.
  • Made using high-quality materials, with solid brass hinges, lock and key set and front hygrometer housing.
  • This humidor has a gorgeous high gloss finish, with a cherry exterior that makes it a great match or visual complement for vintage furniture.
  • Because this humidor has a glass top display window, you can view your entire cigar collection without having to open the lid.


Designed for a combination of aesthetics and function, the Mantello 100 Cigar Desktop Humidor is a stylish glass top humidor that lets you check your cigar collection from the outside, thanks to its large glass top display window.

This humidor has a double-layer design, with a removable Spanish cedar tray that divides it into two levels. The tray includes a central divider, letting you split the humidor up into small storage compartments to sort your cigars by taste, size or country of origin.

Like most humidors, the Mantello 100 has a Spanish cedar lining to keep your cigars properly humidified and ready-to-smoke. The interior is large enough to store 100 cigars, although you may find it topping out at 70-80 sticks if you like to smoke Churchills, Lanceros, and other large cigars.

By far the biggest advantage of this humidor is its large display window. The glass panel takes up almost the entire lid of the humidor, letting you view the entire top section without having to open the lid and risk affecting the humidity.

This comes in handy when you need to compare a variety of cigars before deciding which one to smoke. It also turns the humidor into a stylish conversation starter — an elegant decor piece that can add personality to your living room or home office.

From a looks perspective, this humidor is great. It has a beautiful exterior veneer with a stylish high gloss finish that makes it a good match for high-end wooden furniture. The hardware is all brass, from the hinges that hold the lid onto the humidor to the front lock and key set.


This is a high-quality humidor that only has a few minor flaws. The biggest weak point is a fairly common one — the hygrometer that’s included with this humidor isn’t particularly accurate. If you need a more accurate humidity reading, we recommend replacing it with a digital hygrometer.

This humidor also doesn’t include a built-in humidifier. This is a minor issue, considering most of the built-in humidifiers available in desktop humidors aren’t particularly good. Still, you should be prepared to spend an extra $30 to $35 for your hygrometer and set of humidifier tubes.

Finally, a small percentage of Mantello humidors have small gaps between the lid and body that affect their ability to hold moisture. Because this humidor is available from Amazon, replacing a unit with a bad seal is a quick and simple process.


This is an excellent desktop humidor that’s perfect for cigar enthusiasts. With enough space for up to 100 cigars, it’s big enough to store most cigar collections without the bulky profile of most high-capacity humidors.

If you’re looking for a desktop humidor with a large glass panel window to let you see your cigar collection from the outside, the Mantello 100 is one of the best you’ll find. Beyond its looks, it’s a great humidor that holds humidity well and keeps your cigars safe from pests and damage.

As with all humidors, you’ll want to replace the hygrometer and check the seal when setting this unit up. Fitted with a third party digital hygrometer, this is one of the best humidors available for under $100.

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