La Cubana Genuine Leather Cigar Humidor

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  • Compact and portable, with room for up to 15 normal-sized cigars
  • Includes hygrometer, humidifier, cigar cutter and brass lock
  • Stylish leather exterior resists scratches and damage


  • Interior feels slightly cheap, especially the bottom cedar lining
  • Cigar cutter is blunt and doesn’t provide a very clean cut


A useful travel humidor that will keep your cigars ready to smoke on the road.

Designed with frequent travelers in mind, the La Cubana Genuine Leather Cigar Humidor is a small travel humidor that provides space for up to 15 cigars. With its leather exterior and brass hardware, this humidor has a premium look that makes it a great birthday or Christmas gift.

If you’re looking for a humidor that can travel on the road with you, this is one of the best value products you’ll find.


  • Holds up to 15 normal-sized cigars, making it a good option for long vacations and trips abroad. There’s a small leather/velcro strap inside this humidor that will hold your cigars in place to prevent them from rolling around while in transit.
  • Because this is a portable travel humidor, the hygrometer is located inside. You’ll need to open the lid to check the humidity level. There’s also a humidifier and cigar cutter stored on the inside of the case.
  • This humidor features a convenient brass lock that will prevent it from opening while you travel, keeping your cigars safe and secure.
  • Inside, there’s a felt lining on the top and sides of the humidor, with a thin sheet of cedar at the bottom. The cedar lining is very light and has a slightly cheap feel, although it still provides enough moisture absorption to keep your cigars fresh and ready to smoke.
  • This cigar case has a leather exterior, giving it a premium look that matches most bags and suitcases.


The La Cubana Genuine Leather Cigar Humidor is a compact, portable cigar case that’s perfect for vacations and business trips. This humidor provides enough space to store up to 15 cigars at once, with several convenient features that make it perfect for traveling.

One of this humidor’s biggest advantages is its internal leather/velcro strap. This strap extends over your cigars and holds them in place, preventing them from rolling inside the case while you travel. This means you can store the humidor in checked baggage without risking your cigars.

On the inside of the lid, you’ll find an hygrometer, a humidifier and cigar cutter. The hygrometer provides an accurate reading once it’s been calibrated, while the cigar cutter comes in useful if you forget to bring your cigar punch or cutter on vacation with you.

This humidor has a felt interior lining with a thin layer of cedar on the bottom. The cigars sit on top of the cedar when stored in the humidor, meaning they’ll be protected from tobacco beetles and other potential annoyances while you travel.

La Cubana fit this humidor with a leather exterior, giving it a stylish look that matches most travel bags, laptop cases and other luggage. There’s also a brass lock on the front of the humidor that helps to keep your cigars inside the case while you travel.

The only noticeable branding on this humidor is a small embossed La Cubana logo on the upper side of the lid. From an aesthetic perspective, this humidor has a classic look and would feel at home on the set of a 60s-era James Bond film.

If you’re a cigar enthusiast who travels frequently, you’ll find a lot to enjoy about the La Cubana Genuine Leather Cigar Humidor. This humidor works exactly as it should and has a stylish, high quality appearance that sets it apart from most travel cigar cases.


The biggest weakness of this humidor is its build quality. While the exterior of the humidor looks and feels elegant and well made, the interior feels as if it was quickly put together without much attention to detail.

The cedar lining, for example, is glued onto the inside of the humidor and comes loose relatively easily. The cigar cutter is also somewhat blunt and doesn’t provide a particularly clean or useful cut. Neither of these are major issues, but they are minor functional annoyances.

Some owners of this humidor have complained about the accuracy of the hygrometer. Provided it’s calibrated properly using the towel or salt method, the hygrometer provides an accurate and useful reading of the interior humidity.


If you like to travel, you’ll appreciate this humidor’s beautiful exterior and useful interior features for storing your cigars. While it has some minor interior quality issues, this is a good product that does exactly what it’s supposed to do — keep your cigars fresh and ready to smoke — very well.

With enough space for up to 15 cigars, a stylish leather exterior and enough space to store two weeks worth of cigars, the La Cubana Genuine Leather Cigar Humidor offers some of the best value for money of any travel humidor on the market.

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