10 Tips to Care for and Maintain a Cigar Humidor

cigar humidor

As a true cigar lover, having a humidor is essential to the longevity of your cigars. Tobacco needs humidity, and there’s no better device to keep your tobacco fresh than a humidifier. But how many humidifiers have you gone through? Unfortunately, humidors don’t last forever. Even though some humidors are inexpensive, you can save lots […]

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7 Easy Steps to Choose the Right Travel Humidor

travel humidor

If you smoke cigars odds are you already have a humidor. They’re a must-have for every cigar aficionado on the go. While tabletop chests and full-sized walk-ins are great to have, you can’t carry them with you. Like their larger less transportable counterparts, a travel humidor can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and […]

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8 Surefire Gift Ideas for Cigar Smokers

Cigar Smokers

If you or someone you know enjoys a good cigar, then what better gift idea? Smoking cigars is a form of relaxation for many, as well as a chance to share good conversation with friends. Whether you need something for your cigar connoisseur for Valentine’s Day, birthday, or the holidays, there are several gift options […]

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5 Common Cigar Humidor Mistakes You Need to Avoid


Once you own a humidor, you’ll immediately notice its benefits. That’s why many people even end up owning three or more to make room for their collection. However, too many of us overlook the easy mistakes to make when using these pieces of kit. It’s not good enough to pack them full of cigars and […]

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What Are the Best Cigars for Beginners?

best cigars for beginners

A “first cigar” is like a “first beer”, or “first coffee” or any other “first”; your first experience with something will invariably color your lasting impressions. For those wanting to try cigars for the first time, the question of where and how to start is particularly daunting. Even among seasoned aficionados, there is no clear […]

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10 Most Famous Cigar Smokers of All Time

famous cigar smokers

Greatness and cigars have always gone together, so it’s little surprise that some of the most influential and popular figures throughout history have a carefully cultivated smoking habit. From the moment King Edward VII proclaimed, “Gentlemen, you may smoke”, famous cigar smokers have been making a name for themselves as politicians, performers, authors, inventors, and […]

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Everything You Need To Know About Storing Cigars

storing cigars

You’ve invested hundreds — if not thousands — into your cigar collection. But if you’re not storing cigars in the proper way, you’ll miss out on all of those flavors. You even run the risk of having to throw your cigars out. Especially if you’re new to smoking, you may have questions about the best […]

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7 Reasons You Need a Cigar Humidor Box

humidor box

Cigars will always remain timeless. There is a rich history of smoking cigars and their popularity is still prevalent today. There is no better feeling than puffing that strong tobacco, which is why so many people are cigar enthusiasts. It’s easy for cigar smokers to become addicted to cigars. Buying different types and blends and […]

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How to Season a New Cigar Humidor

A cigar humidor is a serious investment for a casual cigar lover but it’s a great step to move from the level of “hobbyist” to “appreciator”. Cigar sales have been rising in the last few years, even as luxury good sales have fallen flat. The increasing popularity of cigars will impress friends who are more […]

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What Are the Best Cigar Humidors of 2017?

Anyone who enjoys a good cigar knows that a personal cigar humidor is a must. Practically speaking, you need proper storage for your cigars. The only way to do this is with a humidor. Cigars should remain free from humidity to stay in condition and keep their flavor. Humidors maintain a constant, controlled environment for […]

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