Cigar Humidor Cabinet – The Best Buying Guide For You

Cigar Humidor Cabinet - The Best Buying Guide For You
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If you have an extensive cigar collection, buying a cigar humidor cabinet is an ideal option for you.  Many companies are designing various cigar humidors with different sizes and advanced features.  Buyers can opt for their own choice of humidor cabinet to expand their collection of cigars.

If you belong to a prestigious establishment that likes to offer quality cigars to clients or a seasoned cigar smoker, purchasing a good quality humidor cabinet is essential.  Not only does it represents the diversity of your collection but also reflects your judgment.

Many reliable humidor manufacturers have designed some premium quality cigar humidors considering their customers’ needs.  By developing incredible humidors, the manufactures ensure to meet uncompromising standards of cigar lovers.

Cuban Cigars In Humidor Cabinet

From ensuring the right length, ring gauge to giving it a rolling quality, cigar humidors incorporate everything to enhance cigar properties.  The cigar humidors we have featured in this buying guide use various sophisticated components to ensure optimum performance. Not only do they have innovative designs, but also have quality material.

Each lined humidor maintains an adequate level of moisture to improve the aging process of the cigar.   All three contain superior hygrometers to ensure cigar humidor cabinet achieves correct humidity.  Meanwhile, other features like temperature adjustability and ventilation openings, provide optimum regulation to maintain humidity levels.

If you are looking to buy some deluxe cigar cabinets for your bar, apartments or restaurants, this buying guide can help you choose the right product.

Best Cigar Humidor Cabinets

Winner: Giants Countertop Cigar Humidor Cabinet

If you have wasted a lot of your money and time on buying an inadequate cigar humidor before then, Gainttex Countertop will give you desired results.  The cabinet is one of the best containers for displaying and storing your cigars.  The solid frame of Gianttex Countertops features an MDF wood board, a high-quality material, which will ensure you cabinet’s durability.

It is hard to beat Gianttex Countertop humidor when it comes to comparing its capacity.  The large cigar humidor cabinet comes with a large wood frame with many small holes.  You can install three drawers with the help of wood sticks.

The adjustability of Gianttex Countertop humidor is another impressive feature of this product. You can adjust the drawers according to your needs and suitable position. There is a divider inside each drawer, providing space for storing different cigars. Gianttex Countertop humidor offers you ample space and can display around 125 to 150 cigars.

The elegant design of Gianttex Countertop humidor is what its buyers have appreciated the most.  It has tempered glass on four sides including its door. Due to its transparent glass, you can conveniently watch your cigars.

Giants Countertop Cigar Humidor Cabinet 

Tampered glass further makes your cigar display beautiful and complements your room décor.  You can conveniently clean and replace this humidor without having to worry about the fragility of the glass. Not only is it safe but also durable enough to hang around for a long time.

The Gianttex Countertop humidor offers a stable environment, as it comes with a double-lock system. You can unlock its sturdy hinge with two keys. The gold plated lock looks classic and enhances the design of the cigar humidor. For the convenient opening, it contains a circular handle that makes closing and opening a breeze.  With its rust-resistant hinges, it provides a firm connection and stability to its door.

Moreover, Gianttex Countertop humidor has taken precedence over other cigar cabinets for its walnut finishing and high-quality. The thick and solid MDF wood board is something that very few manufacturers offer. In addition to providing strong support, the walnut finishing prevents erosion and damage.

The incorporation of humidifier and hygrometer are some standout features of Gianttex humidor. Hygrometer gauges humidity inside the container. The humidity level shows on the calibrator, and if you want to adjust it, you can do via distilled water or drilling professional.  Besides this, you can fit two humidifiers in Gianttex humidor by attaching four sticky papers.


  • Large frames with ten holes
  • Adjustable drawers
  • Ample space for cigar storage and display
  • Hygrometer for accurate calibration
  • Easy-to-clean


  • Expensive

Runner-Up: Prestige Import Cigar Cabinet Humidor

The bigger, the better, you cannot deny with this when it comes to describing Prestige Cabinet humidor. As one of the largest cigar humidors, this elegant product best suits the commercial purpose of cigar storage.  Its detailed making and crisp design are what set it apart from the rest of the humidors on the market.

Prestige Cabinet humidor has no competition when you talk about affordability. It is like purchasing a cigar humidor cabinet for sale. The outstanding piece is inexpensive and an ideal option for the endorsements and marketing cigars of various brands.  The classic cherry wood design and extra-large frames are the reasons that have impressed buyers.

It is hard to match the exclusivity of this humidor as it has Spanish cedar interior.  The exterior features include a sturdy brass lock with a full covering glass door. The cherry wood finishing of this large humidor is one of its appealing features.

Furthermore, the beautiful humidor stores cigars beautifully in its multi-story framework. The same company offers an electronic cigar humidor cabinet (if you want) that has a built-in electronic humidifier. Easy-to-install, it comes with a wiring port.

Prestige Import Cigar Cabinet Humidor

Mostly professionals and humidor lovers appreciated the towers style design of Prestige Cabinet.   The solid 70 inches wood construction makes it highly space savvy.  Many humidor lovers consider this product by Prestigious unparallel because of its enormous capacity. You can conveniently accommodate 2000 cigars on its angled storage.

For hassle-free storage, it comes with six extra large Spanish trays. These cedar made cigar trays are removable and have an attached divider and cedar shelf.   You need to remove them to place the cigars boxes directly on the extended shelves.

Unlike traditional humidors, Prestige Cabinet humidor contains a built-in hygrometer to gauge humidity of the container. The twelve robust, oblong humidifiers efficiently sustain humidity in the humidor and keep cigars protected for a long time. Moreover, manufacturers have attached these humidifiers with two pull out drawers, each situated at the bottom of the individual unit.

Hence, Prestige Cabinet humidor is most buyers’ favorite because of its enormous capacity and aesthetically appealing design. Readily available under $ 1400- $2500, this humidor can grace your house décor while storing your cigar collection.


  • Gigantic capacity for storing 2000 cigars
  • Spacious and elegant design
  • Removable trays and angled storage
  • 12 adjustable and large dividers
  • Classic cherry finishing
  • Built-in humidifier and hygrometer


  • The lid glass is bulky and needs careful handling

Alternative: Prestige Reagan Humidity & Temperature Controlled Electronic Cigar Cabinet

If you are looking to buy something more convenient and luxury, Prestige Reagan Electronic cigar is your product.  It has some excellent features, and you will get all the features you expect in any quality cigar furniture.  Popular in electronic cigar domain, it quintessentially fulfills the demands of its buyers with its unique craftsmanship and superb construction.

Featuring dark solid, cherry construction, Prestige Reagan Electronic cigar contains embossed wooden panels.  It has molding details along with the prominent crown.  The enticing design and exterior craftsmanship have impressed its buyers.  Plus, its high-tech features make this cigar furniture distinct from traditional humidors.

Its multi-adjustable temperature control quality is one of its most prominent features. The relative humidity and ambient temperature allow you to adjust and monitor the cigars. Not only this, it comes with a control panel through which you can maintain more than 4000 cigars.

Prestige Reagan Electronic cigar allows you to maintain and store a variety of cigars according to their temperature.  It has an independent humidity setting and temperature control on each side to keep the different cigars in their suitable environment.

Prestige Reagan Humidity & Temperature Controlled Electronic Cigar Cabinet

Moreover, no longer do you need to worry if you forget the cabinet’s settings as this electronic cigar saves them to memory.  With this feature, you can conveniently store your cigars in optimum condition. The LED lights in the container are another excellent feature you will not get in other cigar humidors. The lights indicate you when the cabinet is engaged in humidifying modes, cooling or heating cigars.

Also, vintage cigar humidor cabinet has many other impressive features such as de-misting quality.  This feature protects the glass door from condensation and keeps the glass transparent and clean.  The in-built panel controls the ambient lighting in the cigar furniture.  The glass door is secure with a reliable seal.

Prestige Electronic Cigar cabinet has the excellent capacity with its twelve drawer shelves.  The top six shelves serve the purpose of optimal viewing while the bottom six are for flat storage. It has a sliding shelf with three adjustable dividers. You get two removable trays with this cigar furniture, each set in the bottom.

Besides this, there is a refillable tank behind the removable trays. You do not require any water lines, pre-built assembly or maintenance for Prestige Reagan Electronic cigar.  The vintage cigar humidor is undeniably the best alternative for traditional humidors.


  • Temperature and humidity adjustability
  • LED lights
  • Three adjustable dividers
  • Control panels
  • Refillable tank
  • Robust metal slides


  • Expensive

Features To Look Out For Buying Humidors

Temperature Adjustability

Your cigars may become damp, dry, hot or cold if you do not store them properly at optimal humidity and temperature.  The can even develop mold patches and cracks if stored in extreme heat.

Adjusting Temperature On Cigar Cabinet

You need to maintain proper conditions to store cigars.

That is why temperature adjustability is an essential feature to look for when you purchase a cigar humidor cabinet.

Number Of Drawers

If your cigar cabinet has a lot of drawers, it will provide you more space, and dividers to display and store more cigars. Make sure that you see the number of drawer cigar cabinet has before buying it.

Type Of Humidifier

Inexpensive cigar furniture with a low-quality humidifier does not maintain the required humidity level.  Due to this, cigars lose flavor and aroma of essential oils through evaporation. However, while purchasing cigar furniture, make sure that it has 65-75 percent humidity range.


It is one of the most significant features when it comes to choosing a cigar humidor.  If you want a durable humidor, make sure you assess the material and its quality. Cedarwood is an ideal option for cigar furniture.  It is sturdy wood which is not prone to sagging or warping, providing great longevity to your humidor.

Moreover, when it comes to the hinges of a humidor, try to choose brass hardware. Brass hinges keep the doors and lock stable and prevent them from loosening.

Extra Features

Humidors seal, size, humidification system are some critical features to look for before buying the product.  Humidor seal has to be tight otherwise it will not insulate the cigars properly.   Especially, if you are buying it online, you need to be more careful regarding these things.

Moreover, carefully assess the dividers, top and bottom trays to understand the storage system of the cigar cabinet.  Plus, make sure you check the size of the humidifier and its settings to do the right job for you.


If you travel a lot and have a small cigar collection to keep in the large cabinets, you can consider buying a portable humidor.  They are small in size and easy to carry. Also, they are budget-friendly.

Portable Cigar Humidor Cabinet


Purchasing the right cigar requires you to know the critical features of a good cigar humidor.  Wall thickness, humidification system, seal, size, and temperature adjustability are some key components you need to focus on when investing your money.

Thus, this buying guide gives you a comprehensive analysis to purchase the right cigar humidor cabinet.  You can compare the best features, pros, and cons to get the perfect deal that suits your requirements.

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