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If you or someone you know enjoys a good cigar, then what better gift idea? Smoking cigars is a form of relaxation for many, as well as a chance to share good conversation with friends.

Whether you need something for your cigar connoisseur for Valentine’s Day, birthday, or the holidays, there are several gift options out there. You can gift cigars, of course, though there are other classy items to choose from.

Here are eight gift ideas for cigar smokers that are sure to impress.

1. Cigar Smokers Sampler Pack

If you know your cigar smoker’s preferred brand, then your decision is easy. If you aren’t sure which cigar to buy, a sampler pack is one way to go.

You can choose different brands, strengths, tastes, styles, and strengths. The prices range according to the quality of cigars in your pack. You can get a decent sampler starting at around $30.

The packs usually contain between five and ten cigars. At holiday time, they may even include a lighter and a gift bag.

2. Gift Set

Gift sets are widely available at Christmas time. Though, you can find them online year round. They are similar to sampler packs, though they usually have fancier packaging and include extras like a cigar cutter and lighter.

Prices on these will vary widely depending on the brand and the contents of the gift set. The lesser expensive sets range from $50 to $100.

3. Carrying Case or Portable Humidor

Travel cases and portable humidors are practical gifts because they are great for travel. Cigar smokers can take their favorite cigars with them on business trips or vacations.

Travel Case

Some cases are waterproof and firm enough to keep your cigars safe and dry. They hold between three and five cigars.

Leather finger cases are pocket size. With a three-finger case, you can tuck your cigars into your bag or coat pocket. Cases are affordable, with some priced under $20.

Portable Humidor

A humidor is a case with a humidification component that keeps the cigars safe and fresh. They are lighter than typical humidors since they are for travel. They are also water resistant.

They can hold from 5 to 40 cigars depending on the size you choose. You can usually find a good portable humidor for under $100.

4. Ashtray

There are as many ashtrays you there as there are cigar smokers. They come in every style from artsy to distinguished. They also accommodate cigars specifically.

Most have a four or three-finger design. Finishes range from melamine, ceramic, and metal. Prices range as well, depending on style, brand, and finish. You can find a decent ashtray for about $50.

5. Hand-Rolled Cigars

If you know enough about cigars yourself, you can search around for a good, hand-rolled cigar. Even if you aren’t a cigar smoker, you can search reviews online. Then, indulge your favorite cigar smokers with a luxurious, hand-rolled cigar.

Local tobacco shops and cigar sellers often carry their own brand of hand-rolled cigars. You pick up some in your travels for your favorite cigar smoker as a souvenir.

6. Cigar Cutter

Cigar smokers appreciate a quality cigar cutter. A clean cut means a smooth cigar experience. Tearing or compacting the leaves with a bad cut ruins the cigar. A cigar cutter then makes for a much-appreciated gift. And, cigar smokers can use more than one.

Some of the better cutters are double-bladed for a cleaner cut. The often cut the cigar cap in an even stroke. They are extremely sharp but preferred among many cigar smokers. Many companies also offer a two-year guarantee on their cutters.

Another preferred style is a guillotine cutter. The blades of this type are self-sharpening. Like the double-bladed cutters, guillotine cutters make a clean cut.

7. Lighters

Lighters are necessities for cigar smokers. They make a practical gift. Though, you can find quality lighters in just the style to please your favorite cigar smoker.

Lighters for cigars have sleek, sexy designs. You can go for the traditional, classy Zippo, or you can choose from several other styles.

One popular type is the quad torch lighter, which has four flames. The extra fire and heat make for a perfect light to your favorite cigar. Some models allow you to adjust the flame as well.

Lighters are affordable gifts, with prices ranging from around $10 to 50 dollars.

8. Humidor

Of course, the Cigar Humidor Guy is going to save the best gift idea for last. Seasoned cigar smokers know the importance of having a cigar humidor. Humidors keep your cigars fresh. They allow your cigars to retain their flavor. They also protect cigars from damage.

Improves Flavor of Cigars

No matter what climate you live in or the humidity level, a cigar humidor stores your cigars at the correct humidity. With a humidor, cigar smokers get a more satisfying smoke from their cigars.

In addition to freshness, a humidor improves the flavor of the cigar. As cigars age, the sugars and oils in them mingle with the tobacco, making a richer flavor.

With a humidor providing the right environment, cigar smokers can let their cigars age for a while before smoking.

Look for a Spanish Cedar Interior

A humidor is essential for all cigar smokers. Humidors come in several designs as well as sizes. Though, the best humidors have Spanish cedar lined on the inside. Cedar absorbs and retains moisture. It also repels tobacco beetles.


Humidors range from desktop size to stand alone units with inside shelves and digital hygrometers.

The prices range accordingly. A high-end humidor may be out of your price range for gift giving, though the smaller designs make great second humidors for cigar smokers.

Enjoy Shopping for Cigar Gifts

All these choices may seem overwhelming, but shopping for them can be a lot of fun. Cigar connoisseurs enjoy more than the cigar. They enjoy the sophistication that cigars bring with them. This is reflected in the accessories.

Enjoy window shopping or online shopping. Even a non-cigar smoker can appreciate the workmanship that goes into these accessories.

Please contact me if you have any questions about these gift ideas.

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