7 Reasons You Need a Cigar Humidor Box

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Cigar Humidor Tips

Cigars will always remain timeless. There is a rich history of smoking cigars and their popularity is still prevalent today. There is no better feeling than puffing that strong tobacco, which is why so many people are cigar enthusiasts.

It’s easy for cigar smokers to become addicted to cigars. Buying different types and blends and even rolling your own cigars are popular hobbies amongst the cigar aficionados.

If you’re a real cigar smoker, you probably have a humidor inside of your home.

If you’re catching yourself indulging in cigars and still don’t own a humidor, here are 7 reasons why you should get a humidor box.

1. Keep Your Cigar Fresh

Cigars are delicate and the tobacco will inevitably degrade over time. How do cigars and tobacco degrade? Humidity and temperature change.

If you don’t know how long cigars last, they last about a month in original packaging.

If you plan on smoking your cigar immediately after you purchase it, no issue there. But if you’re saving your cigar for a special occasion, a humidor box will ensure the cigar is in top condition.

This also helps if you tend to purchase your cigars in bulk. A humidor is a great storage option that will keep them fresh for the day you decide to light one.

2. Improves Tobacco Flavor

Storing your cigars in a humidor prolongs its freshness. It also improves their taste.

Humidors stay at optimum temperature and humidity levels to sustain tobacco freshness.

These levels help to improve their flavor. Since there are no external factors interfering with the tobacco, the flavor will remain consistently better.

Humidors are also perfect if you’re purposely aging a cigar.

The sugar and oils in a cigar will intermingle with the tobacco, giving the cigar a great taste. You want to make sure the cigar won’t degrade with weather conditions, which is why a humidor is perfect for aging.

Cigars can get better with age. But like anything else, they need to be aged correctly. The easiest way to achieve this is by getting a humidor box.

3. Protects Your Cigars

If you age your cigars or you buy them in bulk, you need to find the best place for storage. Especially if you need to hide your cigars from children, your pets, and other pests who can get your cigar.

Humidors are made of Spanish cedar. This is a powerful wood that can block out any pests due to its temperature insulation. Storing your humidor away from children will further protect your cigars.

One of the many pests that love cigars is tobacco beetles. They can be transported with tobacco. Since cigars need to be stored at a cool temperature, this prevents the beetle eggs from hatching.

4. Blocks the Sun

Like anything else, UV radiation degrades the quality of your cigar. The outer wrapping will become more fragile, making it difficult to smoke your cigar.

Cigars also need to be stored in cool temperatures. Sun exposure will weaken the tobacco, giving you bad flavor and an overall frail cigar. The aging process will be increased and your cigar can also develop mold.

Don’t fret if your cigar has been stored near the sun. Make sure you smoke it immediately or store it in a humidor.

If you’re aging a cigar and leave it out in the sun, you may not be able to smoke it. The strong materials in a humidor box can protect your cigar from the sun.

5. It Makes Great Decor

Do you and friends or loved ones typically meet to smoke cigars? When you have a get-together, invite them to your place. Your guests will see your stylish humidor, taste the great cigar, and will enjoy being at your home.

This also looks better than aging your cigars in the fridge. Any cigar aficionado understands aging your cigar in a humidor is the best method.

A humidor box isn’t only practical, but it’s beautifully designed. Spanish cedar, in general, is a beautiful type of wood. There are so many variations of humidor designs, your humidor will stand out.

6. You Live in a Low-Humidity Climate

Tobacco is grown in tropical climates. Therefore, tobacco needs humidity and moisture to sustain its quality. When tobacco is grown in a region such as Cuba or Honduras, the natural climate allows the tobacco to retain its quality.

If you live in a colder climate like Canada or a low-humidity climate like Arizona, you’ll need to synthetically introduce your cigar to humidity. The best way to do this is storing your cigars in a humidor.

Humidors are usually recommended for aging cigars, but you should always keep your cigar in a humidor if you live in a low-humidity climate. You should store the cigar in the humidor, even if it’s only short-term.

7. Maintaining the Required Temperature is Difficult

While there is no exact temperature to store your cigar, experts state the best temperature for cigar storing is 69 degrees. That’s not too cold and not too hot.

For some climates, it’s nearly impossible to sustain this temperature.

The biggest culprit is humidity. Cigars require lots of humidity, but humidity and warm temperatures create mold. The coolness helps prevent the growth of mold.

You also want to make sure the cigar stays in an environment without a major shift in temperature.

Time to Store Your Cigar in a Humidor Box

Cigar smoking is a hobby and activity without limits. Aging your cigar is an exciting process with delicious results.

Storing your cigar at the correct temperature and humidity will help prevent mold and degradation of the tobacco.

Humidors are made of special woods, such as Spanish cedar which is insulating. Your cigar must be stored in a cool temperature with humidity, something rare from a natural environment.

Whether you’re saving your cigar for a special occasion or just buy cigars in bulk, a humidor will keep the cigar’s quality.

If you need more advice about cigar humidors, check out our blog.

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